The Beautiful China Cup

Pam Petterborg, Elizabeth Pratt, and Mary Davie

How can “women of Covenant” experience “the long haul” of trials and experiences under the Savior’s care to become beautiful, flawless women? “The Beautiful China Cup” is a story about a couple in England who passed by a china shop which had a lovely cup display in the window. They went inside the store to examine the workmanship of the china cups more closely. Suddenly, one cup speaks to the couple and shares its story of how it was pounded, patted, brushed and heated in a fiery furnace almost beyond endurance. The china cup was exposed to just enough pressures and trials of lie to become a beautiful, flawless china cup. 

It is the Savior who is the master potter. He skillfully knows exactly what He is doing for each of us that we can be made flawless pieces of workmanship just as the beautiful china cup represents.

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