Enter Through the Doors of Eternity

Melanie Hatch, Nancy Bangerter, and Ann Bushar

Do you think the sisters in Kirtland who sacrificed their china to be put on the outside of the Kirtland Temple, or those who served in building the Nauvoo Temple knew how extraordinary their sacrifice was and how much it would mean to those who came after them as they were able to go to the temple to seal their family forever? I wonder if the many sisters (and brothers) who serve so willingly in each of our temples today realize that they are indeed performing the “Errand of Angels” and are doing extraordinary things? To help our families realize this, we are introducing a temple book for families to enjoy. All the pages of the book are on this website for families to put together their own family temple book. This will help show that it is indeed an ‘extraordinary thing’ and that we too can enter through the doors of eternity.

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