Generations Linked in Love... Three Easy Ways

Elaine Baum, Roxy Haynie, LaRae Archibald

In our station we are following the counsel of Elder Russell M. Nelson when he encourages us to make “family history part of our daily lives.”

We have chosen three easy examples that anyone can do.

1. Writing and Printing your Autobiography;
Elaine Baum will share her experiences in writing her life story. She has written four volumes complete with documents, colored pictures, genealogy charts and has had the books professionally bound. She will share do’s and don’ts. Her books will also be on display. 

2. Blogging:
Roxy Haynie is an avid blogger. She will give good advice about private and public blogs and explain how easy and accessible this form of journal keeping can be. This is also a wonderful way to maintain close contact with family members, and do missionary work as well. 

3. Scrapbooking:
Have you always wanted to scrapbook, but haven’t started yet? LeRae Archibald will share examples from her years of scrapbooking. These books are cherished family heirlooms, and they will provide inspiration for both the novice and the experienced scrapbooker.

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