God is Our Personal Trainer

Cara Bramwell, Lisa Amendola, Misty Amendola

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in our busy lives can be challenging for everyone. The Best Part is: We have the Greatest Personal Trainer of All; Our Heavenly Father. A healthy lifestyle is not about making your daily appearance at your local fitness center and attending all the classes or participating in every competition of one’s interest. Though these things can be greatly rewarding when done with the proper amount of balance, A “Healthy lifestyle” is a full encompassment of Spiritual Strength, Mental Stability, Financial Security & Freedom, as well as Physical and Emotional Health. Our Heavenly Father has, of course, provided a way for us to navigate our way to a healthy lifestyle. He has given us the equipment and tools we need. It’s up to us to “Exercise” our Faith in Him and Follow His Instructions.

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