Let’s Talk About the "Unmentionables"…Socks and Underwear

JJ Pulsipher, Merrily Evans

The Homeless often times will go without socks, or wear socks that are old and damaged. This lack of protection can cause problems in many ways. It can lead to bacterial and/or fungal infections, blisters, and in cold weather, it can lead to frostbite. Rain-soaked feet, ill-fitting shoes, constant standing and diseases like diabetes take their toll on the feet of homeless people. The simple use of a cotton sock can prevent multiple problems and they are so inexpensive to provide!

New, clean underwear is also very important to the homeless and gives the gift of confidence as these men and women strive to overcome other challenges in their lives. Having access to this simple daily essential is as much about dignity as it is hygiene.

How can you help?? We often donate our used clothing to thrift stores, or clothing drives. Have you ever thought about those in need going into Deseret Industries to purchase someone else's used socks or underwear? Not a pleasant thought. There is an urgent need for these items to be donated new. Now that you're aware of the need of these unmentionables, there are numerous ways that you can help and donate.

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