A Life of Learning

Crissie Palmer, Carrie Christensen, Karen Stapley

"The Glory of God is Intelligence” (D&C 93:36) and part of our journey through this life is to gain experience and to learn. A Life of Learning can bring you fulfillment in many aspects and help us grow closer to becoming more like our Heavenly Father. In the Game of Life, you must follow a path and make choices along the way until you get to the end. In our life, our goal is Eternal Life with our Heavenly Father. As we continue on life’s journey, we can seek spiritual learning, gain a personal education, teach our families to love learning, and find ways to learn through service. As we seek a Life of Learning, we can remember that “the acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong, sacred activity, pleasing to our Father in Heaven and favored by His servants.” (Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Apr. 09 Ensign)

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