Marriott School of Management - Money Matters

Bryan Sudweeks

Money matters, and money matters are spiritual matters. The Old Testament prophet Haggai was concerned that the Jews had become more concerned with what they wanted, i.e., building their own houses, that they failed to do the things that the Lord wanted, which was to build His temple. The Jews put the Lord second. How do we make sure that doesn't happen in our lives?

The Lord has said there are no temporal laws. As such, the commandments to live within our means, get out of debt, build a reserve, etc., are not temporal, but spiritual commandments. Obeying these commandments are not problems of money, as some suppose, but of faith. Following are 10 important steps that will help ensure that we put the Lord first and have the faith to do what He commands, and a website with tools to help us as we become more financially self-reliant and as we strive to help and teach others.

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