Obtaining Peace and Joy through the Sacrament

Kim Watts and Lisa Carter

Because of the Saviors great atoning sacrifice, we can partake of sacred emblems each week during the Sacrament. How can we come to know and understand more concerning the Sacrament, its meaning and fulfilling of our covenants with Him? Why is the word “remember” said so often and what does He want us to “remember”? What should we focus on before and during the Sacrament? And how can we optimize our thoughts and come away from the Sacrament cleansed and whole. The bread, the water, the bitter cup – what do these symbolize for us all and individually? 

The Sacrament is a gift, given to us from a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to be happy. Who wants what is best for us which is eternal life and exaltation. He wants us to be near to him, wants us to have hope and faith in His plan, through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Only through Him will we find joy, peace and happiness in this world and in the world to come.

Come. This 7 day journey will broaden your understanding a little more concerning the incredible power that comes from. ”of these emblems we partake.”

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