Parents! Rejoice! There is a Manual!

Shawn Stringham, Jill Bishop

What happened to that cute, cuddly “Mom and Dad are my heroes and I shall love them forever” child when they left the recess blacktops of elementary school and entered that “den of iniquity” junior high? Those eyes that looked upon your countenance with pure adoration that now just roll into the backs of their heads everytime you try to impart parental wisdom? What is a “goodly parent” supposed to do? In this “manual” based on enduring eternal truths taken from the ancient prophets of the scriptures, supported by a few modern ones of our own, we learn the answers to some basic–and not so basic questions parents have, and teens need help with, to “train them up in the ways they should go.” And maybe see a few more cute and cuddly faces again!

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