The Power of One

Ginger Hyde, Vonda Dastrup and Crystal Cawley

As daughters of God we must remember who we are. We were sent to the earth with divine missions to accomplish in our homes and in our families. We heal; we bless; we nurture those in our spheres of influence. President Uchtdorf reminded us that when we serve others, our hands become the Savior’s hands (“You Are My Hands,” Dieter F. Uchtdorf, May 2010 Ensign, p. 68). The love, testimony, and service a mother offers in her home will transform generations. We could give you a long list of ways you could serve your families or others around you, but . . . you are you! The Spirit will guide you to do what you can do. What you can offer today may be different from what you can offer tomorrow or next year. The power of one is a sister who remembers who she is and what she is about, and who, with quiet devotion does what is needed. The power of one is . . . you!

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