Sprouting Simple Seeds of Faith

Carlene Veenker, Cricket Veenker

Our handouts are a compilation of ideas gathered from friends, families and associates of simple things that parents and grandparents can do to help build faith in their children. These ideas include many small and simple things that families do to strengthen and build personal habits of righteousness in their children that help them develop faith in Jesus Christ and the Restoration of the Gospel.

There are three handouts. The first is designed to help build a foundation of nurturing young children to help establish righteous patterns that plant the seeds of faith. The second handout includes ideas directed toward teenagers that can continue to build the unity and love in the family which encourages them to exercise faith and live the principles of the gospel. The third handout gives specific ideas that grandparents can do with their children and grandchildren to support their efforts of love and unity and setting an example of righteous family values.

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