Sweet is the Work(out): Finding Fun in Being Fit

Brendi Terry, Tiercy Hadlock, Candis Bailey

Through our Heavenly Father's plan, we have been blessed with the privilege of coming to earth and receiving a body. Our bodies are divine gifts, and as such, we should treat them with care and respect. Taking care of our bodies physically can show our gratitude for them and can benefit our experience in mortality in many ways. Creating a healthy lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but did you know it can also be FUN?!! Health and fitness don't just require hours spent in a gym during the week - they can encompass family together time, can strengthen friendships, help you enjoy nature, get to know others, spend more time with your spouse, be good examples to your children, and even help to inspire others. By finding the right activities and methods for you, health and fitness can be more fun than you ever realized!

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