Unified Visiting Teaching Companionships

Courtney Pena, Holly Larson, Julianne Smoot

One of the key principles that a missionary learns on a mission is that, second only to his/her relationship with the Lord, the strength of his/her missionary companionship will have the greatest impact on the success of the work. As companions who love and serve one another, that love and service directly affects and blesses the lives of those that they are teaching the gospel to. This same principle can be applied to the work of faithful visiting teaching companionships throughout the church. We encourage sisters throughout the church to cultivate a loving and united companionship and present some tips on how you can accomplish this goal. We promise that as you seek to develop a unified relationship with your companion, the Lord will make you an instrument in his hands to richly bless the lives of those that you teach. And he will surely bless you, too.

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