A Worthy Beat... Not Defeat!

Lori Johanson, Natalie Wood, and Amy Ogden

How are we using the powerful “tool” of MUSIC the Lord has given us? Are we taking advantage of this tool and using it in our daily lives for good? Worthy music is POWERFUL! Our topic focuses on three crucial ways how music should be applied in one’s life.

Teach: Worthy music has the power to teach important and righteous truths. It teaches our spirits how to be cheerful, loving, humble, prayerful and grateful. Besides building character, it teaches responsibility and service to others as we learn musical talents 

Protect: Worthy music is a source of protection. It can calm and bring peace to one’s spirit. It can immediately protect our thoughts and help the spirit overcome the natural man. It promotes love and unity in a family, protecting us from life’s storms.

Worship: Worthy music provides spiritual nourishment. It helps one to express prayerful thoughts. It brings reverence and feelings of gratitude, inspiration, and bears testimony of our Savior. The responsibility for selecting worthy music lies with each of us. It is our responsibility to decide what type of music we will allow to shape our thoughts and feelings. We want to share ideas on TEACH, PROTECT and WORSHIP that will help you to use this powerful tool of MUSIC in your life. Whether or not you feel you have musical abilities, “Feel the worthy beat…not spiritual defeat”.

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