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Confessions of a Recent Convert to Women’s Conference

I confess—I came late to the party. Though I had friends who returned to Women’s Conference year after year, I never understood their eagerness. What― (I thought) I don’t have enough meetings in my life― I need to travel 700 miles for more― When those same women returned, bubbling with enthusiasm, I just smiled and nodded as I listened to their reports.

‘Such Energy to Do Good’

Four years ago, Joy Flitton, of Kaysville, had never been to Women’s Conference. Then she was asked to be a presenter. The following year she was asked to be a project leader in the conference service component, and last year to serve on the subcommittee that oversees all the service projects.

Behind the Scenes with Service Projects

Any newcomer has to be overwhelmed by the scope of the service projects at the BYU Women’s Conference. Participants can choose to participate in any or all of three service areas: Take, Make ‘n’ Return, where you pick up a kit and make an item while attending the conference; Service Learning Rooms, where you can listen to or watch conference while working on service projects; and Evening of Service, where you can work on a variety of projects. There also are Sharing Stations (more on this below).

Volunteers Key to Service Projects

The Women’s Conference service projects require an incredible amount of work, and most of that work is done by volunteers. Each year the conference has over 1,700 volunteers; 200 are conference presenters, and the rest work in the service component. Of the 53 service project leaders, 19 are assigned to the hospitality area, recruiting and training the “Angels in Blue Vests” who handle hospitality during the conference.

Our Best-Kept Secret!

One of the least-known aspects of BYU Women’s Conference is hiding on the conference website under the Archives drop-down menu.

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