General Information

When is the conference?

What time does the conference begin and end?

I have registered. When do I receive my program and name badge?

Registration and Refunds

Is there another way to register than besides the phone?

Do I have to pay in full at the time of registration?

I registered more than one person. What is the refund procedure?

I misplaced my name badge. How can I get a replacement?

How do BYU students, faculty, staff, and spouses register?

What if my faculty or student spouse does not have a BYU ID card?

I am a seminary teacher, CES administrator, retired BYU employee, student at another university, etc. Do I get the discount?

How do I register for on-campus housing? Is group housing available?

Will you have Cougar Cash cards or Signature Card options?

I'm disabled. Can you accommodate me in the residence halls?

Can I get housing if I have submitted a tuition waiver?

When will I know where I'm staying?

I want campus housing but it is full. Do you have a waiting list?

Service and Evening Activities

Can my Relief Society, ward, stake, etc. attend just the Service Event or the Evening Performance?

Special Accommodations

I really want to come, but I have difficulty walking.


I want to be on a hospitality team. How do I get the information?

I want to be a speaker. How do I apply?

How do I contact a presenter?

What should I wear?

What will the weather be like?